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For Penny, Aiden, and Erik - three childhood friends - this summer road trip may be just the reprieve they need from the embitterment of their city lives. But their spontaneous getaway quickly turns into a supernatural chiller as the trio are enveloped by a strange light and crash in the outskirts of a seaside town of Fallrest Harbor - a town not found on any map.


As they recover and become familiar with the town and its peculiar residents (many of whom seem to be uprooted straight out of time), tensions escalate when our group learns that there is no escape from this town -- literally; any attempt out of Fallrest Harbor just leads you right back to it.

How did this unsuspecting group of friends arrive in this mystery town? What dark secrets lie in Fallrest Harbor? How far are Penny, Aiden, and Erik willing to go to get home - and will they even want to?

Fallrest Harbor is a developing webcomic that I have hopes to come to full realization in 2021. Stay tuned for more!


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