By commissioning me you agree to the following terms:

(Please note that these terms may be edited/updated at my discretion)

Once you've read the terms you can fill out my commission form here!


● I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason.

● I retain the rights to the artwork itself.

● I can use your commission as an example of my work in my portfolio.

● I can post your commission in any of its phases on social media unless you specify that it is a gift/surprise. I will refrain from posting gift commissions until they are delivered to the recipient.

● I can stream the commission process on Twitch/social media unless you specify that it is a gift.

Your Rights as the commissioner


● Your commission is for personal use only.

● You may post your commission on social media (with credit), use it as an icon/header, wallpaper, and/or print the work for personal use.

● You cannot sell, alter, or claim that someone else is the artist of the work under any circumstances.


You are not permitted to use your commission for commercial purposes. However, I am open to negotiating rates for commercial work. I can also provide services not listed here (this includes graphic design related work). Please feel free to shoot me an email and I’d be happy to discuss!




Payment is made upfront in full via PayPal. All payments are in USD.

Completed commissions are nonrefundable. Partial refunds will be offered if I am unable to complete the work. If you request a refund while the commission is in progress you will only be refunded for the amount of incomplete work.




Commissions may take anywhere from a few days to three weeks to complete⏤longer for multiple characters. This will vary based on the commission type and your place in the queue. I will inform you of any possible delays via email.




I will send you screenshots of your commission in progress for the sketch, line art, and flat color phases. You get two free revisions during the sketch phase. These can be small pose adjustments, changes in the character's expression, etc. However, if you are not happy with the sketch and would like me to start over you will be charged $35. Color adjustments during the flats phase are free. Any revisions beyond that will incur a fee.

If you find that you have multiple revisions you'd like me to make, please try to send them in a single message to make the revision process smoother.